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A kitchen faucet at the high school, tested twice, showed lead levels of 172ppb and 125 ppb. And atthe Salemwood,a kitchen kettle had leadlevels of 154 and 117ppb in two tests. Other fixtures that tested above action levelhad readingsbetween 16.5 and 31.2 ppb. The city's engineering department drew samples from hundreds of fixtures across the district's seven schools, including the Early Learning Center. It mineral water benefits was the first time such comprehensive testing for lead in Malden's public schools had been performed. "We tested every drinking fountain and every kitchen faucet in every City of Malden public school," said Assistant City Engineer Gary Stead, who oversaw the program. The city also tested for copper in school water and found samples above the state action level of 1.3 parts per millioninone water bubbler atthe Salemwood School and one watercoolerat Malden High School. The testing was performed at no cost to the city-- aside from the labor required to gather the samples, which were taken by Shavaun Callahanfrom the engineering department-- by the MWRA. "MWRA offered free testing services," Stead said."All we had to invest was our employee's time." Callahantook the samples early in the morning between October and January. Insome cases, lead concentrations decreased significantly after the water was flushed, or run,for 30 seconds between tests.Lead can build up overnight while water is standing still. Atsomeschools in the region, custodians go through school buildings and flush drinking fountains each morning, butStead said he didn't feel that was necessary.

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